Based on the philosophy of “Koukenchiai”, it should have a suitable and correct relationship with everybody.

Through the Way of Sword, hitting and being hit, we realize our weaknesses and also strength of our opponents. Through fighting/hitting, we can understand our opponents' thinking and mind, their strategies, and at the same time, we can discover our own weakness and our strong points and ability that we can exert. This kind of relationship develops a mutual comprehension and understanding with people around us, creating a relationship of mutual admiration.

“Koukenchiai” in Japanese means: to know Love through interaction of swords.

All people at Shoujin-kan, including children, youths, adults, men and women, have their own targets. Although they have different culture and beliefs, all have a pronounced affinity for each other.

Through Sword, people know each other and able to cultivate a mutual respect. In other words, through practice, solidarity, friendship, admiration and respect can be established among members.