Gratitude towards our parents is higher than the Mountain, deeper than the Ocean. We will never forget the gratitude towards them.

It is from the dogma “Kendo wa Rei ni Hajimari, Rei ni Owaru”.

Even before we were born, we depend on our parents to grow, to become people who are able to continue life with our own feet independently. Thus, we should not forget the love, kindness, protection and everything they did for us. It is the gratitude expressed in the most diverse manners.

Similar to this, Dojo is our home. Masters are our parents, the seniors are our brothers in our long journey of life.

All of us accumulate our technique, experience, personality, spirits and mind gradually and achieve our targets. We continue our Way and many times we experience snaky and tortuous roads.

When we reach our goals, we should remember the worthy moments provided in our Dojo, the teaching and experiences transmitted by our Masters and the friendship and solidarity from fellows of Shoujinkan.

Without our parents, we would not be what we are today. Express our gratitude from the bottom of our heart and show this feeling through our attitude until death. We should have a sense of gratitude for our parents.

Ungratefulness is similar to spitting in the plate that you use… This attitude is not a noble act for a student learning the Way of Sword.