The practice in Iaido basically follow the Orthodox “Seitei” Iai. In Iaido classes, the aim is not the superficial learning of several “katas”, but mostly, it is focused to make one assimilate and perform the correct movements required in Iaido, through deep understanding of every detail of the situation and technique involved.

The contents differ often, as is targetting provide not only the knowledge but also the inner aspects of Iaido. Can be noted the strong relationship in the purpose of learnings in Kendo and Iaido.

    • Development of the Inner side and energy “KI” through Sword movements and breathing techniques

    • Practice of old techniques learnt in “Kenjutsu” to be applied in Iaido

    • Deep study for correct understanding of Iaido Katas

    • Philosophical Concept and guiding for application in daily Life.

    • Assimilation of Iaido techniques through Shinai / bokuto practice.

    • Assimilation of skills based on Kata practice with physical opponent.

Further step to understand our Iaido practice…

In the past, the purpose of Iai was to counter enemies’ unexpected attacks. Without any time of hesitation one would be able to draw the sword and without any room to being dominated by the opponent, perform techniques that could bring him to defeat and win the fight

It is said that originally such techniques were used in the battles, when spear (Yari) or Naginata was broken or lost, the warrior quickly would draw the Katana and defeat the opponent.

With the time such purpose has changed, nowadays, under the name of Iaido, it has been transmitted together with Kendo world widely.

In our Dojo we practice Iaido not just as a skill aiming to handle the Katana against imaginary opponents, but understanding the essence of every executed movement , awaken one’s mind and physical abilities that could be benefit in the daily activities.

Performing a fight against imaginary opponents, through the unique movements of Iaido, students learn how to perform, in the most efficient way, the techniques handle the sword (Katana) in the most efficient way. That cannot be assimilated just swinging it from one side to another side; also, it is not just a matter of how many times you do it. Understand the hidden concept of every technique and the connection with our mind and body.

In IAIdo, the student develops the sense of distance, timing, and breathing, improving the energy, described as KI, and concentration at the maximum.

Through the practice of these elements, every practice is a new discovery of your own. Your strength, your weakness, your capabilities, your limitations… that’s build a rare and suitable chance to seriously face yourself, a chance that we usually we don’t have due to the busy daily activities. You will find a chance to communicate with yourself.

During such process, one will be able to balance Harmony, Dynamism and Accuracy in every movement, and naturally search for Perfection and Beauty of the movements.

Existence of LIFE inside the sword, connected to your mind and body can be felt and experienced.