About Us

More than techniques

Shoujin-kan is a recognized institution, that fully supports Kendo and Iaido in Hong Kong, for all people that wishes to enjoy not just the practice of Swordmanship itself, but mostly, deeply understand the Philosophy inside the Art, take fully benefit of the learnings and succeed in their study or work career.

It was established in 2003 by Kishikawa sensei, 8th dan, the highest rank in Hong Kong, bringing 50 years of knowledge acquired by intensive practice, as top player in his country, not mention the direct learnings from his parents, also Kendo senseis and famous Masters in Japan.

Through these teachings, Shoujin-kan aims to promote the highest level technique for its students, guide them to succeed in their daily life, through the development of Human Inner Side, or human capability. At Shoujin-kan, students enjoy fully the best teachings in Kendo & Iaido, reflecting the achievements professionally, academically and socially in their daily activitirities.

Again, the Goal as Modern Samurai

Shoujin-kan’s aims to promote Japanese philosophy and culture through the millenary technique of KEN – Japanese Swordsmanship . Our target is to build up individuals capable to apply the learnings into their lives, able to cooperate to the society.

The teachings focus in the use of Japanese swordsmanship, through Kendo and Iaido techniques. Apart of a healthy physical improvement, the concepts taught at classes is going to be widely applied by the students, as they will be able to balance both peaceful mind and challenging spirit to the circunstances people have to face, in this severe economic tornoil and social changes around the world.

Our target is not prepare students to become champions in Japanese fencing. In tournaments, only 1 person can become a champion; our aim is to make all students become real champions, successful champions in their Life… and you’re welcomed to join us.

Kishikawa sensei

Founder of Shoujinkan, Roberto Kishikawa sensei owns the highest rank in Hong Kong.

Directly supervising the training patterns of all classes, based on his wide and rich background new method of training is transmitted every time, balancing sword techniques with human development.

As important icon in the promotion of Kendo and Iaido, Kishikawa sensei is also the key person leading the future generation of Hong Kong, as Head Coach of the National Squad. With his fully contribution to the team, Hong Kong players could conquest brilliant performance in Chinese Championships, Asian Tournaments and World Championships, as leading country in Asia.

Major achievements is summarized below.

  • 8th Dan from All Japan Kendo Federation (top organization in the world)

  • Champion in Brazil 5 times consecutively

  • Mentioned as model by his technique and style in the famous and informative magazine “Kendo Nippon”, 1997.

  • “Sportsman of the Year” Award from Brazilian government (1985).

  • 10 years of consecutive and intensive training (Shugyo) supervised by famous Kendo masters in Japan (1990-2000).

  • First and the sole athlete to obtain Kendo scholarship (1988) sponsored by mega company “Sakura”. Scholarship included daily training in Japan at universities, police institutions, and private academies.

  • Providing guidance to university students at Yokohama National University during his stay in Japan (1990-2000).

  • Head Coach of Hong Kong National Squad (2003 up to now)

  • 5 times in the key role of Brazilian National Team at World Kendo Championships:

    • 2nd place (Team match) in Paris 1985,

    • 3rd Place (Team match) in Korea 1988

    • 4th Place (Individual match) in Korea 1988,

    • 3rd Place (Team match) in Japan (1997),

    • Fighting Spirit Award 5 times,

    • Champion in the Open Tournament in Paris 1985 (2nd-3rd grade)

Referee at the World Kendo Championships for 2 times (in Japan 2015 and Korea 2018)

Kishikawa sensei promotes and guides his students at Shoujin-kan in Japanese Swordmanship, about its benefits and use not only in the tournament fields, but especially to enlight people’s mind and heart, helping them build up strength, confidence, pro-active mind, to soon become successful individuals in our society.