Through the philosophy of “Bunbufuki”, we devote to Study and the Way of Sword.

Through the philosophy of “Bunbufuki”, we devote to Study and the Way of Sword.

Healthy body and mind… Have a strong and healthy body is not enough. To balance your mind with body to exert all potential is important.

Everyday, we are busy in living, working, studying, etc., we do not give too much attention in practicing the Way of Sword. As a result, when we face stress, we lost concentration, and we cannot perform well.

Whenever we face problem or stress, this signals transmit to our brain. It is necessary for us to have the capacity to focus our attention, elaborate the best strategy to overcome all worse situation such as fatigue and stress. We need to learn the Way of the Sword gradually to get the correct balance between energy and potential inside ourselves, in order to achieve the best performance under all situations.

It is important to keep in mind that kendo practice does not restrain to physical training. It is also wrong to judge a person just through academic results. School is a place to get education and knowledge, but in most cases, it ignores psychological education, moral and civic of human being.

Nowadays many companies of the world realize that academic results, education and performance in school is not enough. They value moral and potential inside each staff very much. Dojo is a school that students develop all other abilities that cannot learn from school.

Nowadays even many academies try their best to teach sportive and competitive part of Martial Art, some most valuable aspects are missed.