The Way of Sword starts with “Rei”, and finishes with “Rei”.

The Way of Sword starts with “Rei”, and finishes with “Rei”.

The word “Rei” is not just salute, bow, or reverence towards someone or an altar, it has a deeper meaning. Here, it implies “Reigi” (in Japanese) which includes Discipline, Respect, Manner, Etiquette to be used accordingly in a diverse everyday life when we interact with various situation, people and environment.

One of the reasons that bring people to Kendo or Iai, or parents make their children to learn the Way of Sword is looking for “Reigi” which is ignored by many people nowadays.

Ambition is considered as a tool to achieve targets in this competitive world. Despite of this, people still need to keep their own self-discipline, ethics, and respects towards people. Kendo allows people to learn "Reigi" through training and practice.

Normally, people treat “Rei” as a kind of protocol and manners on how to conduct and act in order to get good impression from others. However, it is wrong. If it is, it is totally a cynicism, dissimulation, and falseness. Such people ignore the real meaning of the word. They use it in a wrong way and humbug people by using it for their own benefits and selfishness. They transgress morality and ethic of Bushido.

Sometimes, it is difficult for people to know their real “I”. Not until problems or stress occur, people can not know their own self or their own personality. For example, many students, after long years of practicing and improving their knowledge, oblige to go away temporally from the Dojo due to study, work or other reasons. However, some others just “change” the Dojo, in the same way they change a car for another without any justified reasons. This kind of attitude is strongly condemned in the Way of Sword, as it is well known that Dojo is their second family.

Similar to parents transmitting knowledge and experience, love and kindness to their children, the masters and seniors in the Dojo teach students to acquire and improve the necessary skills, knowledge and experience. The aim is to help students overcoming any adversity in real life, to assist them indirectly to achieve their goals and become people that can be respected and recognized in the future.